50 Reasons to Love Ingrid Bergman


Yesterday, it was Ingrid’s 102nd birthday as well as her 35th death anniversary. I had a very busy day so didn’t had time to publish anything, but today I’m back with 50 REASONS TO LOVE INGRID BERGMAN. I first wanted to do 102 reasons, but as much as I love her, it was a bit unrealistic! So I went with 50 instead. These are a variety of what I feel about her personnally, stuff I’ve read, movies I’ve seen etc. Even my mother participated to this list and she had great things to say about Ingrid! 🙂 Maybe some of these things will sound a bit repetitive, but I hope not too much! If there are some reasons you think should have been on this list, please don’t hesitate to mention them in the comment section (sometimes there’s obvious stuff that I’m just not thinking about!).

  • She’s an incredibly talented actress
  • She’s beautiful
  • She was passionate by her profession
  • She was a strong and courageous woman
  • She fought for her ideals
  • She loved ice cream
  • She didn’t let anybody walk on her feet
  • She’s Isabella Rossellini’s mother (another woman I admire a lot)
  • She was Swedish: Sweden looks like a beautiful country and I really love the language (even if I don’t understand it).
  • But she could also speak English, German, French and Italian!
  • She starred in some iconic movies such as Casablanca, Notorious, Gaslight and more.
  • She never gave a bad performance
  • Cactus Flower proves us that she was a versatile actress.
  • Her love for Rossellini’s films proves us that she had great tastes in films
  • She loved filming her life whenever she had the occasion to, just like we can see it in Ingrid Bergman: In her Own Words – I love doing that too!
  • She took her work seriously and would do anything she could to prepare a role
  • Overall, she was fascinating
  • She was Jean Simmons’s favourite actress, and who doesn’t love Jean Simmons?
  • She won no less than 3 Oscars!
  • And was nominated for 4 others!
  • As a little girl, one of her favourite activities was to disguise oneself – me too!
  • She worked until the last minute, despite being very sick. Strong I tell you, strong!
  • She portrays my favourite female movie character: Dr. Constance Peterson in Spellbound.
  • She knew how to choose the right roles for her
  • Joan of Arc was her idol (or one of them).


  • She once was Martin Scorsese’s mother in law (that’s pretty cool).
  • She’s so fantastic, even a rose wears her name!
  • She could sing (see my article Sing! Sing! Sing!)
  • And dance too! (Cactus Flower and Indiscreet are great evidence)
  • Was friend with Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock
  • She was ready to do a lot for a part: when Ernest Hemingway told her that she’ll have to cut her hair short for the part of Maria in For Whom the Bell Tolls, she told him: “To get that part, I’d cut my head off!”
  • She once came to Montreal- my city! (See my article When Grace and Ingrid Visited Montreal)
  • She also was a great stage actress.
  • According to her daughter Pia, she was a very fun person.
  • She had a great sense of humour
  • She was very wise: “Be yourself. The world worships the original.”
  • She was not afraid to eat ( I mean, she wasn’t one of these celebrities who would only eat carrots to stay thin- thank God!)
  • I met my host and friend from Budapest thanks to our common admiration for Ingrid!
  • She was quite tall but managed to stay elegant.
  • She wore Edith Head clothes beautifully
  • She was able to recognize her mistakes (when she watched the Autumn Sonata’s documentary, she realized and recognized that she could be a difficult actress).
  • As a child, she had a lot of imagination (but as a grown up person too, I’m sure!)
  • She can be both very serious and very funny
  • She emits an incredible presence
  • She had a very “woman” beauty (these are words from my mother “She didn’t have a Barbie beauty.”)
  • She was honest
  • She didn’t have false modesties
  • She was courageous
  • According to her daughter Isabella Rossellini, the best word to describe her was “charm”. We agree!
  • She often had a very great chemistry with her on-screen co-stars (Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Gary Cooper, Robert Donat, etc.).

She that’s it, for the moment, but I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting! Happy heavenly birthday again dear Ingrid! ❤


7 thoughts on “50 Reasons to Love Ingrid Bergman

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  2. Well, I started admiring her because of your last post, the one in which you said that she did not agree to change her looks. It takes a lot of courage to do that. The rest of the reasons you mentioned here just makes her even more admirable.

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