Love Has Blue Eyes and the most Beautiful Smile: Ingrid Bergman in For Whom the Bell Tolls

This is my contribution to The 2nd Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon hosted by myself via The Wonderful World of Cinema.
Why is Ingrid so great in For Whom the Bell Tolls? 🙂

The Wonderful World of Cinema


On August 29, 2016 (in two days), Ingrid Bergman, the best actress in movie history, would have been 101 years old. Sadly, this  date also marks her death anniversary. But, for both reasons, I’ve decided to honour her by hosting The 2nd Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon. To host is a big entertainment, but the real fun always is to participate.


When came the time to choose a topic for this blogathon, at first, I wasn’t very sure what to pick. Because when I host my own blogathon, I always like to talk about a special or precise subject. Last year, I wrote a tribute to her in honour of what would have been her 100th birthday (celebrations were big last years all around the world), but I couldn’t repeat myself again. Should I write about her and Hitchcock? About her and Cary Grant? About her Oscar winning performances? None of…

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