My Grace Kelly’s Dreams

Does it sometimes happen to you to be so obsessed with a movie star that you dream about her? Well, I recently did two Grace Kelly’s dreams! Let me tell you, Grace Kelly’s dreams are the nicest. Let me talk to you about them.

The first dream took place at my grandparent’s classy condo. We were waiting for visitors and these were no one else than Katharine Hepburn (Katharine, not Audrey) and, of course, our dear Grace Kelly! I remember, Grace was wearing her blue Oscar dress designed by Edith Head, and I think Katharine Hepburn was wearing a The Philadelphia Story‘s dress. Both ladies were very nice and just like friends. I remember Katharine was a bit shy. Grace, was very funny and was smiling all the time. She was most happy to see me! The whole dream took place in the living room. It was one of the nicest dreams I eve did!

The second dream was shorter. I dreamt that I was seeing a play and Grace Kelly was one of the comedians. I think she was wearing something similar as the golden dress she wears during the ball scene in To Catch a Thief. After seeing the play, we were invited to a little cocktail to meet the comedians and talk with them. So, I was arriving to the cocktail. When I saw Grace Kelly and was about to go to talk to her, my dream ended. 😦 Big disappointment ahaha!


Those are, of course, dreams I wish I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I don’t think I ever did an Audrey Hepburn or an Ingrid Bergman dream, but that’s maybe just a question of time! 🙂

And you, are you THAT much obsessed by your favourite actors/actresses?

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