Ingrid Bergman: in her Own Words

Thursday, I went to the cinema with my mom and we saw the documentary Ingrid Bergman: in her Own Words. I was dying to see it and really hoped it would be screened in Montreal.

So, I wrote to the Cinema du Parc because I knew it’s the kind of films they screen. They answered me and told me they would like to, hoping that the film would be distributed in Quebec.


You can’t know how happy I was when, in December, I saw a big poster announcing the film at Cinema du Parc! We’re very lucky, because I believe it’s the only movie theatre in Montreal screening this film, and not for a long time.


So, I wanted to share my passion for Ingrid Bergman with someone else and decided to go with my mother. She had seen some Ingrid Bergman’s films and appreciated her, but knew nothing about her life.

Ingrid Bergman: in her Own Words is a Swedish film directed by Stig Björkman. It was release in 2015 for Ingrid’s centennial. It was first screened at the Cannes Film Festival, where Ingrid was highly celebrated. 🙂


I wish I would have seen the film in 2015 for her centennial, but you can’t ask too much either. 😉

Ingrid Bergman: In her Own Words presents us the life of one of the greatest actresses of all times: her happy moments, her three marriages, her childhood, her desire to become an actress, her children and all those challenges she had to face. The film is based on her personal writings, letters and diaries, and on her own home videos.


I already knew a lot about Ingrid before seeing this film, but this made me see things through her point of view, which was, of course, very relevant.

We learn in this film that the world of filming and photography was very important for Ingrid. Her father was a photographer and she has always been his favourite model. He sent her his love through the camera objective. Ingrid Bergman herself was always taking her camera with her and filming. That’s why they could find so much home video. I do that myself, so if I become famous one day…

Those home videos allow us to see Ingrid’s everyday life. Ingrid swimming, Ingrid and her children, Ingrid making funny faces, etc, even Ingrid as a child! Those home videos also makes us realize how a perfectly adorable little girl Isabella Rossellini was!


Talking about her, Ingrid Bergman in her Own Words also allowed me to “meet” her other children: Pia, Roberto and Ingrid. Of course, Isabella is the most well know, so it was interesting to see how were the others. It was also a way to lear their point of view about the famous Bergman-Rossellini scandal, and what  kind of a mom she was. I understood that she was a great mom and very pleasant. Pia loves her a lot, but she wished, of course, to had seen her more.

In the film, there is a narration reading Ingrid’s letter in swedish. Actress Alicia Vikander made Ingrid’s voice. In the film, we hear a total of four languages: English, Italian, Swedish and French. Ingrid could speak them all, plus German.

There are real moments of emotions in this film. It takes a star back to life and we wish she would have left too soon. Ingrid was a model of acting, but also a strong women who had, overall, a great courage.

After the film, I asked to my mom “So, which Ingrid’s film would you like to see next?” To what she answered: ” All of them”.





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