How I discovered Grace Kelly


Just like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, “Grace Kelly” often rings a bell when you hear that name. Then, you have two options: one: not paying attention to it or two: being curious.

I think the first time I heard or let’s say, read her name was in my second grade of High School. My English teacher had an amazing class with many decorations on the wall mostly related to music and films. There was a collage of Grace Kelly and somehow this name already rang a bell. But from where?… I had to knew more.

I typed her name in “Google Images” and discovered how beautiful she was. I even started using her pics as a profile picture on Facebook. I then remember using this picture below in my cousin’s birthday card and wrote ” you’re as beautiful as Grace Kelly!” or something like this. What a compliment! That same day, it’s actually her mother who told me that she became a princess.

Grace Kelly

I then did some research about her on Wikipedia, but it remained Wikipedia…

First IMPORTANT step was of course to see one of her films.

Actually, the first time I saw Grace Kelly acting was in High Noon. The film was broadcasted on television and I watched a part. But wait… I can’t remember if this happened sooner in the chronology of my “Grace Kelly discoveries”… :O


Anyway, I finally saw the film in its integrity, but the first Grace Kelly’s film I watched from A to Z was To Catch a Thief. I was charmed and then kept my promise of seeing all her films and know more about her.


She’s iconic, fantastic, beautiful and so irreplaceable.

grace kelly 3

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